SMARAGD PEP - Politically exposed persons

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The component SMARAGD PEP checks whether a person is a "politically exposed person" or not. For this check commercial PEP lists such as DowJones, WorldCheck, WorldCompliance or INFO4C are utilized. hereby, it is possible to use all the information available in the PEP lists - such as nationality, date of birth etc. This increases the precision of the search and reduces the false positive rate.

Individual check for the opening of a new account
This check can also be performed automated when a new account to set up. For this purpose, a Web-Service is provided that can be integrated into the business processes for the setup of new accounts.

In the case of a positive check the result will be integrated into case management. Through this, the compliance organization has the opportunity to perform a concluding check or evaluation of the case. This considerably simplifies and speeds up the process for new customers.

What does the PEP component do

  • Detection of “politically exposed persons” in the customer base and when setting up new customers
  • Configurable check strategy while considering the heterogenic data quality
  • Similarity search with “fuzzy logic methods”
  • High-performance searches, even with bulk data
  • Feedback to a customer information system

Integration into the customer assessment
The PEPs identified by SMARAGD TCM can be transferred to the customer system and then used during the risk-customer assessment, for example, with SMARAGD CRS.



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