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Thomas Wild

Complexity is abundantly available - success is attained through simplicity 

Complexity: is multifaceted, characterizes and sounds threatening.
Everything is complex, and depends on everything else. Complexity is the argument, why results can not be achieved quickly.

Information technology is still regarded as the means to master complexity. And actually, what we know today and what supports our decision-making process would not be conceivable without information technology. And yet, we are under the impression that information is indeed abundantly available, but still doesn't provide all the answers. 

How about we add the factor of simplicity? By focusing on what is really important for making decisions?
Try to imagine an ideal typical situation depicting what Information sholud be available in a certain place, at a certain time, and how the ideally suited underlying process flow would look like?
An approach from the solution-perspective will circumvent the adversities of complexity. A perspective that provides a simplification and, in alignment with actual circumstances, will lead to a further development and improvement of the current situation.

A simplicity that becomes evident in the clarity of the analysis and depiction of  correlations, in the same manner that the usability of solutions and products we create is able to provide superior results.

That is our ambition and the standard for the partnership with our customers.

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