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Anti-Money laundering


The most effective way to protect financial institutions and thus the entire financial system against financial fraud and money laundering, is a timely detection of criminal transactions. In times of fierce competition and increasing financial crime, the call for an effective, reliable and above all state-of-the-art analysis and control method is subject to an ever increased demand.

Reputable investigations have confirmed that annually funds in excess of 1 Billon U.S.-Dollars are laundered. These funds are derived from illegal activities such as drug or human trafficking. In these cases the perpetrators are constantly employing new methods that make it difficult to detect them.

Since the year 2000, targens has been using intelligent IT systems to develop procedures and methods for the detection of the concealment and placement of illegal funds.

Meanwhile, through a variety of legal regulations for all financial service providers a binding framework to combat money laundering has been created. An expert team of experienced consultants can assist with the implementation of the money laundering regulations. No matter if this concerns international wholesale banks, retail banks, leasing companies or other financial service providers.

Money laundering scenarios:
the know-how foundation for money laundering combat is a scenario and indicator model which comprises the experience of several hundred international banks when IT-solutions are introduced.


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