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SMARAGD CBM (Correspondent Bank Monitoring)

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SMARAGD CBM is part of the product range of the SMARAGD Compliance Suite by targens in Stuttgart. With the software solution banks minimize the risk of money laundering and illegal money transfers when payments go through a variety of correspondent banks.

Intensive scrutiny for more security
Foreign payment transactions are especially vulnerable for money laundering and terrorism financing. SMARAGD CBM scrutinizes payments to find anomalies like bursts of activities, list violations or high-risk jurisdictions. Once a hit is detected it will be displayed quickly and easily recognizable.

A method for success
Each SWIFT message that goes through your institute is split up. The data of the participants are enriched with key risk indicators. They are stored in the system and monitored on a daily basis using a flexible set of rules.

Monitoring creates highest possible control
After the monitoring, all alerts will be evaluated and documented directly in SMARAGD CBM in an audit-proof way. That way banks have highest possible control over their processes.

Key Features

  • Splitting up of each SWIFT message for more clarity
  • Creation of a chart of all participants of the transactions
  • Enrichment of the data of all participants by key risk indicators
  • Detailed display of all payment flows
  • Minimization of operational risks
  • Fulfillment of all national and international regulations
  • Efficient client that allows sustainable analysis of hits
  • Modern Reporting and dashboard functionalities
  • Flexibility with all legal changes by the onboard simulation System

Further Information find here:

Our product video gives you an even better insight.

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