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SMARAGD ICM (Integrated Case Management)

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SMARAGD ICM offers financial institutes an E-File with standardized workflows. Different compliance cases can be managed in a central and uniform way, in order to finally be documented audit-proof. The solution flexibly adapts to any individual procedure and can easily be integrated into existing systems.

Case processing fulfills compliance requirements
With SMARAGD ICM financial institutes create a workflow-based E-File. They thus meet all requirements of the case processing that are necessary to fulfill the compliance relevant topics, such as money laundering prevention, fulfillment of financial sanctions, avoidance of fraud schemes, responses to information requests of the prosecution and capital market compliance.

Individual workflow
Individual workflows are assigned to each compliance topic. The respective cases pass through pre-determined conditions while they are processed. The transition is linked with roles and their respective authorizations. 

Strong features for safe E-Files
Besides the customers, non-customers that are involved in the case are recorded into SMARAGD ICM with their essential master data. The recording of the data is carried out by the integration platform SMARAGD IPF. All data is recorded in an audit-proof manner. Furthermore, checklists can be deposited. SMARAGD ICM guides the case manager through the necessary steps and makes sure that the processing is gapless. 

Key Features

  • Configurable workflows
  • Checklist and work instructions
  • Audit-proof documentation
  • Reporting and e-mail integration
  • Evaluations and statistics
  • Role concepts for users

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