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User Help Desk (UHD): The professional point of contact for all matters concerning IT support.

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The complexity in the IT world is constantly increasing, the issues of end-user are accumulating: Quick help is required.
Therefore, it is decisive for the efficient operation and thus the success of your company to solve critical application problems competently and quickly with the help of a partner.

Our IT Service will be glad to support you: professionally, reliably and friendly. Just as you would expect from a manufacturer-independent IT service provider .

Your benefits at a glance:

  • First and second-level support
  • Quick availability and instant help for your employees
  • Comprehensive expertise and a high level of education
  • Computer-aided ticket processing and relevant reports

The User Help Desk (UHD) of targens includes a qualified first-, second-and third-level support for our customers.

We offer this service for the already concluded IT implementation projects, but also as an outsourcing for existing customer applications.

The inquiries are managed in special trouble ticket systems. Through this, the entire UHD staff and users can access the service and error history and also drive the further development of the supported applications through the error analysis.

The quality of the help desk will therefore play an increasing role for the evaluation of companies and products. Customer loyalty and image are often closely related to the support offered.

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