SMARAGD MDS (Monitoring & Detection System) - combating money laundering

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SMARAGD MDS is the further development of the product S/Research from the SMARAGD Product Suite and offers a number of new modules and functionalities to perform a modern, integrated and centralized combat against money laundering and financial fraud.

New modules for more functionality and flexibility

Financial institutions that want and need to effectively protect themselves from criminal practices and unwanted customers, require solutions that are characterized by two important features: Functionality and flexibility. SMARAGD MDS offers both. It has the known money laundering and fraud schemes, including pre-defined rules and typologies. A comprehensive rule code of indicators and scenarios considers national and international requirements from the legislation and integrates transactions, customers and networks of relationships of an institution into the analysis process.

SMARAGD MDS supports the institutions in the threshold value determination as well as in the classification and monitoring of high risk customers. For the short or long-term analysis: All processes for internal and external audits are documented audit-proof.

Scenario-based approach

A key innovation is the scenario-based approach. The checking of individual discrepancies is condensed into sensible actual situations Thus, significantly increasing the possible combinations and the flexibility of checks in the overall context.

Look-back checks

New indicator methods allow for a dynamic checking of actual situations in any previous time periods.


Each configuration change triggers a check in the simulation system. The benefits of the new simulation system is supported by a range of intelligent administration techniques. These allow the user to easily and conveniently perform an evaluation of previously executed configuration changes.

  • Simulation with original data
  • Simulation administrator
  • Secured authorization process
  • Saving of the versions
  • Dynamic random data sampling
  • Checking of alternative scenarios



The newly developed indicator-editor allows you to formulate new indicators with only a few user-driven inputs. Its intuitive user interface greatly simplifies the user's work.

Key features

  • Early warning function
  • Scenario-based checking
  • Look-back and profile-based checking
  • Individual checks
  • Checking of risk groups and risk products
  • Reduction of the False Positive Rate
  • Simulation system
  • Threshold value analysis
  • Statistics

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