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How does bank management become an integrated financial architecture? Is it possible to customize trading success? Must compliance be considered holistically? Where do you stand in the digitization process? Any more questions? Here you will find answers.

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Let's face it: Why should you work at targens? Very simple: Because intelligence is more inspirational than greatness. If you're really interested in creating something together with a group of people who aren't just professionals in their field, but also very nice and likable, then this is precisely what you'll find in our company. This applies for the job, as well as the personal expectations towards of life and work. Just talk to us.


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What do companies that are successful in their markets have in common? They have excellent products, they are open to new technological developments and they have partners who support them. This is exactly what we have been doing for many years.




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Cutting edge technologies, optimization models with savings potentials, interesting events, trends and studies that move markets - all of this is what drives us. So that you will gain more leeway.