Combating financial crime and fraud at the highest level

Financial crime and fraud pose serious threats to society and the financial systems. With intelligent compliance software solutions and professional consulting services, targens is able to support companies in combating money laundering, financial fraud and terrorism financing.

The targens SMARAGD Compliance Suite and SMARAGD aces360 product lines are forward-looking solutions for compliance requirements.

Whether it's a financial institution, internationally active corporate group, or a small company: With its wide range of products and services to combat financial crime, SMARAGD has the right tool for the job. Identification and prevention of money laundering and fraudulent behaviour, monitoring of embargo and financial sanctions, third party verification and control of the KYC process are just some of the issues that can be successfully implemented with the help of our SMARAGD Suite. Our SMARAGD aces360 product is the integrated IT solution to combat financial crime and fraud. It is explicitly tailored to the current and future compliance requirements.

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