SMARAGD aces360 - Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) featuring SAP

SMARAGD aces360 - advanced compliance expert solution


Compliance Lifecycle

The requirements companies are confronted with by compliance guidelines increase daily. Only with the help of technical support it will be possible for companies to fully comply with these regulations in the fu­ture. SMARAGD aces360 manages to unite SAP‘s pro­found technical know-how and the longstanding professional expertise of targens.


SMARAGD aces360 is the best possible solution for the requirements in the compliance of financial institutes of today and tomorrow.

Together with the SAP GRC solutions targens as a partner of SAP contributes the professional expertise and its implemen­tation due to longstanding experience within the field of compliance.

You can’t have more trust in your own compliance!

targens relies on SAP as a leading software provider in the field of in-memory when it comes to the topic of governance risk & compliance (GRC). The cooperation unites professional and technical know-how and enables innovative ideas and solutions for the compliance depart­ments of all kinds of companies.

By means of the integrated view of the compliance lifecycle the system enables a holistic assessment of the partner from a compliance stand­point. Especially with big data volumes, the existing IT architecture offers a solution without system breaks and thus connects reliability and performance.