SMARAGD aces360

SMARAGD aces360

“You can't have more trust in your own compliance!”

Susanne Hofrichter, Product Manager, targens



Clear trends regarding payment transactions will lead to an ever-increasing volume of payments in the future, with equally increased heterogeneous payment procedures.  Together with new legal guidelines in the compliance, companies are confronted with increasingly complex challenges.


Thanks to the high-performance SAP HANA platform, payment checks can be performed in real time. Unstructured data, geo-information and access can be taken into account as well as the aggregated historical customer behaviour. This creates an individual customer profile for each customer.

Sophisticated predictive analytics capabilities enable the system to learn over time, and also develop new strategies. This enables the detection of new fraud patterns, and a prompt implementation.

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SMARAGD aces360 combines SAP's technical know-how with the targens technical expertise and is therefore the optimal solution for today's and future compliance requirements. 

SMARAGD aces360 prevents possible financial fraud before damage for the company can develop.


“With our solution, companies are able to avoid fines and reputational damage, as well as personal risks for money laundering officers and board members.”

Susanne Hofrichter, Product Manager, targens