iFA Reference Model

Our iFA reference model

"Build a complete and yet lean data budget."

Theo Mielke, Consultant at targens




In order to meet the BCBS 239 requirements, an integrated data budget for the overall bank management must be created for a large banking association. Thereby, the data budget is to be built up in several phases in order to enable a timely integration of the initial bank management systems.


In addition to the creation of a Data Lineage, the targens reference data model will be used to structure the storage of basic data from previous systems, as well as the result data from method calculations. The reference model will also be used for the architecture of technical and domain-oriented data models.

Indicator Status

By utilizing the targens reference data model, the areas of Reporting and Risk can be supplied from an integrated data base within a very short period of time, and their results can be stored in a comparable way. During this process, a reporting was also created which enables a uniform reporting.


"By using the targens reference model, the customer was able to create a complete and yet lean data budget, which provides a substantial benefit through its technical structure.”

Theo Mielke