Services & Solutions

Services & Solutions

We adapt standard software from the Trading & Financial Markets environment to the technical and procedural conditions of our customers. Thereby, we will accompany you from the system evaluation and selection, all the way up to the commissioning of the trading and settlement software. 



The Trading & Financial
Markets Performance Chain

1   System Evaluation

By asking the right questions, it is possible to attain better solution approaches. We know where to focus our approach, and we do it manufacturer-independent; founded on many years of experience with various system manufacturers. We always carry out system evaluations demand-driven because we are convinced that software is there to make our (work) life easier and not the other way around. Traceability is thereby the top priority so that the management of our customers is empowered to make the right decisions.

2   Project Planning / Project Management

Different clients and situations require a respectively different methodology. That's why we always conduct our planning in a customised manner. Our project management is comprehensible, effective, in Time – in Budget – in Functionality. Our working method is solution-oriented, far from any "reporting relieves from duties" mentality. 

3   Requirements management

We observe the requirements of our customers End-to-End, with all the dependencies and complexities associated with it. All customer requirements are fully formulated, in order to then make them prioritizable .

4   Business Analysis

We conduct business analyses with a deep understanding for the technical processes and circumstances, combined with a comprehensive knowledge of the market-common trading and settlement systems. Thereby, we work customer-oriented, by consistently involving the specialist and IT departments of our customers in order to ensure the required know-how transfer .

5   Test Management

Right from the first requirement analysis we think about the measurability of the joint performance. For this purpose we utilize different methods and procedures, depending on the project requirements. We provide comprehensive a test coverage to attain high-quality results . Despite all the methodological strength, we always conduct our work pragmatically .

6   Customizing, parameterization, development, implementation

The highest degree of professionalism Efficiency is our guiding principle when it comes to software adaptations. As close as possible to the standard, in the interest of the customer, not in the sense of the service provider or the manufacturer. We document our adaptations in such a way that our customers are able to continue work with them later. And thereby, we always focus on the operation, maintainability and the manageability of the solution for technical and IT departments.