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Digital Finance Transformation Model

The increasing use of digital and mobile devices will create massive changes in processes, objects and events. This change is irreversible. Digital transformation has long since arrived in the economy, and affects one of its central tasks. We support companies and banks to properly handle these tasks in a future-oriented manner.

Blockchain / Distributed Ledger

Confidence through transparency and the immutability of transactions, is the result of implementing the Blockchain / Distributed Ledger technology. Even more: It has the potential to take your business model to a whole new level. The technology forms the backbone on which business partners reorganize and establish themselves. No other comparable technology has such an impact on the business process. The impact and potentials can be significant. With a personalized consulting and project support service, we can make it easier for our customers to get started with this new technology.

Services and tools

> Blockchain – For example, setting up an Ethereum network, Smart Contract Development with Solidity, Digital Assets, Coins, ICO,...

> Distributed Ledger – Corda / Hyperledger Fabric / ChainCode Development / Digital Assets / Coins,...

> Consulting – Workshops / training courses / joint identification of the right Use Cases with Design Thinking methods / technology consulting

> Prototyping – Agile implementation / development of a Use Case / consulting regarding the Use Case with new perspectives / consideration of disruptive potentials of the Use Case

> Pilots & Projects – Cloud operation for pilot projects / agile development and consulting / broadening of the prototyping approach

mySaveID / Solution for
secure personal and
machine identities

Secure digital identities are the foundation for trusted electronic business relationships, and a functioning Internet of Things (IoT). They ensure that people, but also machines, can enter into business relationships safely, trustfully and legally. Digital identities thus play a key role in the digitalization of value chains.

The targens mySaveID Identity Service is a complete solution for digital identities in the B2B sector: from the creation and management of identity data, to the release of identity data to third parties, and all the way up to the use for qualified electronic signatures. The identity service is compatible with various Distributed Ledger technologies: This is unique in the market.

Services and tools

mySaveID - Services

> Securely create and manage digital identities for businesses, people, and machines

> Release of identity or data to third parties, e.g. business partners

> Independent management of signature authorizations within the company 

> Signing of documents with a qualified electronic signature

> Easy integration into existing applications and networks (API)

> Compatible with Blockchain platforms and other distributed ledger technologies


With DLT2Pay (former name: targens Payment Adapter) targens delivers the solution to connect Blockchain and DLT networks with established payment transfer systems of banks. Thus, the adapter creates the opportunity that payments from bank accounts can be triggered directly from the Blockchain or DLT network and therefore implement a complete digital business process. Thanks to DLT2Pay banks deliver a payment component to their customers that they need for the installation and operation of digital ecosystems. As an interface between networks and established payment transfer systems banks can strengthen their customer loyalty and make it possible for themselves to gain new crossselling opportunities as well as entirely new models of collaboration.

Highlights for banks

  • DLT2Pay is based on existing legal structures
  • No adaptation needed in balancing, because no crypto currencies are used
  • Payment transaction via SEPA and SWIFT
  • Connection to existing KYC and Compliance systems
  • Connection to the established payment transfer systems


Highlights for network providers

  • Step by step businesses
  • Multi banking capability
  • Due to the payment transfer via SEPA/SWIFT payments within the EURO area or worldwide are possible via SWIFT
  • Usage of different currencies
  • Payment confirmation inside the network in real time Payment transfer neartime – depending on the bank
  • No currency risk

API / Integration

We accompany and consult companies during the implementation and integration of mobile applications and the digitalization of processes.

With innovative consulting approaches, agile development methods and digital tools, we effectively and efficiently guide our customers through their projects. From the modelling of the idea, to the prototyping, and all the way up to the production readiness. All of this in a very short time.

Services and tools

> BaaS – Backend as a Service

> PSD2 – Payment Services Directive 2

> API Banking – Business Process Outsourcing

> Consulting – Digitisation / architectures / processes / workshops

> Implementation – Prototyping / Production / Deployment

Predictive Analytics

Within the scope of the digitization, companies will be collecting an ever-increasing amount of data. This includes structured and unstructured information, video and audio data, customer and product master data, geodesists and many more. Predictive analytics can be used to evaluate this data, and make the structures visible. Prediction models based on artificial intelligence provide concise indicators for possible future changes. This helps companies to understand their customers and markets even better, to ultimately enable them to make smarter business decisions.

From the specification of the problem, the analysis of the data - for example, with the recognized "SEMMA" method - via the learning with the help of intelligent methods, all the way up to the productive utilization - our customers can rely on the targens expertise.

Services and tools

> Machine Learning

> Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Artificial Intelligence (AI)

> Advanced Analytics


> Qualification of the problem

> Forecasting horizon

> Design and modeling of data structures

> Runaways / data reduction

> Data completion

> Dependency analyses

> Modeling with AI Methods

> Quality inspection in productive operation

> Tools: SAP HANA Predictive Library, KNIME


In a structured process, we will lead our customers to innovations in a result-oriented manner. The targeted use of the appropriate methodology helps to keep an eye on the actual goal, and to achieve it in terms of results and time. Agility enables a flexible and professional reaction to rapidly changing circumstances. Design Thinking supports your innovation process in a structured way. This is performed in workshops during which results are developed step by step and tested. This creates an understanding for the solution. Feedback is immediately integrated into the further project development. The entire process is conducted in with clear time targets and a high efficiency. Especially important: A large part of a company's innovative strength is derived from its employees. Design Thinking helps to create them and make them tangible.

Services and tools

> Agility - Agile project management / Scrum / Kanban

> Design Thinking – Creativity / Motivation Innovation / Collaboration

> Lean Startup – Business Canvas / development and tracking of business plans