Promissory note loan on Blockchain Basis

Promissory note loan on a Blockchain Basis

"Blockchain is the ideal foundation for business models with many involved parties!"

Karsten Treiber, Chief Development Officer, targens



Today, everybody is talking about Blockchain. Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) uses the targens expertise in the area of promissory note loans on the basis of blockchain technology. The findings from this analysis will be continued, broadened and brought as close as possible to production readiness together with a customer of the LBBW.


Agility will become a key factor for the goal achievement. Through this, an interdisciplinary team is able to work across company boundaries. Applying the profound understanding of Blockchain technology, the effects on the business model are jointly evaluated, managed intelligently and implemented in a future-oriented manner.

Indicator Status

Thanks to the expertise and participation of targens, all requirements could be evaluated and the agile pilot project conducted in just half a year. The result was an actual promissory note loan of EUR 100 million in a cooperation between Daimler and LBBW.


“targens was able to contribute significantly to the success of the pilot project between Daimler and LBBW. A critical examination of the current business model can be used to set a new course for the future."

Karsten Treiber, Chief Development Officer, targens

Daimler AG and Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) have for the first time jointly used blockchain technology to conduct a financial transaction.

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