Cellent Finance Solutions will become targens

Stuttgart, 11/29/2016 - with immediate effect, Cellent Finance Solutions GmbH is changing its company name to targens. The company will continue to be a subsidiary which is 100% owned by the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW), and will therefore remain in the strategic investment portfolio of the bank.

As a professional service provider for banking and compliance, the consulting and software company supports its customers in their corporate management, trading activities, the protection of their business processes and the accelerated attainment of their sales activity success. The foundation for this is comprised of an expert consulting and high-performance products, as well as the mastering of disruptive technologies regarding the constantly accelerating trend towards digitalization.

"In the future, we will increasingly focus on an even more goal-oriented service provision regarding the interests of our customers. The name targens was selected because that's precisely what it expresses. A combination of “target” and the Latin word “agens” which means to act”, explains Thomas Wild, Managing Director of targens GmbH.

With the new English slogan "making things run", targens is backing up its claim of being an international provider.
The promise to the customer "to make things run" also expresses the degree of expertise and reliability which has developed within our company throughout the last 30 years. This doesn't just encompass the constant innovation, but also the ability to implement solutions into business processes in a practice-applicable manner, and the improvement of business processes.