SMARAGD MDS 5.0 is available

Stuttgart, December 10th, 2018 – In times of ongoing digitization financial crime changes constantly: no matter if it is money laundering via trade platforms, terrorism financing via crypto currencies or fraud in online shops. All of this poses a serious threat to society as well as national and international financial systems. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and methods SMARAGD MDS always displays the existing compliance risks in order to detect them early and prevent them in the long run. Therefore, users can counteract in time and prevent damage. Now version 5.0 is available with lots of interesting novelties.

Release 5.0 of SMARAGD MDS contains plenty of novelties. The basis of the new version is the change in technology at the front and back end. This leads to a simpler deployment of the software with the users as well as stable and secure IT processes. Another novelty is the expert indicator method. It is a framework that realizes indicators for the fulfillment of specific requirements fast and easily. The highlight is the implementation of an essential KYC requirement: With SMARAGD MDS 5.0 users have the opportunity to define the starting time and time interval in which they want to detect a deviation of expected customer. Of course, users of SMARAGD MDS 5.0 are on the secure page when it comes to the GDPR.